Classroom Highlights

Students standing outside the MTA bus.Student in a wheelchair getting on the lift for the bus.Student paying for the bus.

On May 20th, classes @ QHST participated in an MTA bus demonstration. Students had the opportunity to identify a bus stop, carry identification, use

a metrocard and go for a ride on an MTA bus.

Many thanks to Ms. Andrea for arranging this awesome event. Thanks to staff from D75 Travel Training for assisting & the MTA staff for supporting

our students.

Student Rory Satin wrote, "On Friday, May 20th, 2022, P811Q students and staff did a bus demonstration. We went into an actual MTA bus. We learned the dos and don’ts of travel training. For example, do pay close attention to your surroundings and don’t talk to strangers except the bus driver. We went down Commonwealth Blvd and checked out different bus stops. We found certain landmarks like Dennys too. It was very interesting to ride on an MTA bus. It was a very nice learning experience for those who have and

haven’t ridden an MTA bus in New York.

Ms. Andrea shares, "Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the teachers, cluster teachers, paraprofessionals, related service providers, sub-teachers and sub-paraprofessionals who ensured that all students had a safe, instructional, sunshine filled Bus Demo!"

Ms. Dawn shares, "Thank you, Ms., Andrea for all the work you do to make BUS DEMO DAY a huge success!!! It is truly a day we all look forward to each


Class Y40 had a successful first trip to bowling. It was some of our students first time bowling and they all had a great time! They learned to sit and wait for their turn and learned the rules of bowling. Some of them cheered their peers on when they knocked the pins down!

Cardboard wallets made by students

Class Y42 has developed to identify information that makes up their ID such as " picture of me" , name and phone number . As an added touch the students were given wallets to insert their ID' s in. They also used their wallets to store their money to make buy items at Stop & Shop and Home Depot.

students who participated in the student directed IEP program

Students Declan (Main Site) and Angelina (Bayside HS) participated in the Student Directed IEP program (SDIEP) this school year. This program supports schools in helping students develop independence with the planning, development, and implementation of their IEPs, including leading parts of their IEP meeting!

Last week, they were given the opportunity to share their experience with other D75 schools. Congratulations, Declan and Angelina!

Special thanks to the SDIEP team: Christine, Felix, Amanda and Beth! If you are interested in this work for next year, please reach out to a team member!

Collage of photos showing students making purchases at Stop and Shop

Class Y42 went on trip to Stop & Shop to buy an item they want and an item their family need in the home. The students were prompted to use their individual shopping lists to find the items and put it in their shopping carts. The students enjoyed this culminating activity!

Collage of photos showing students taking money from their cardboard wallets at the cash register

Class Y42 shopped at Stop & Shop and purchased their items with prompting as needed. This is a great highlight to end the monthly theme.

Collage of photos showing students making purchases in their classroom snack shop

Class Y42 presented their culminating snack shop aligned to the monthly theme during PS37Q's gallery walk . The students used their money skills to buy their favorite snack from partner teacher Mrs. Small. Class Y42 students helped the visitors to make a treat and give out materials to complete the puzzle piece project for Autism Awareness.

Students planting seedlings

Collaborative Gardening with P811Q@37! Class Y42 worked in groups with PS37 2nd Grade classes to plant the seedlings we purchased at Home Depot. It was such a great work based lesson and application.

Students learning how to make breakfastStudents learning how to prepare breakfast

Shannon DeMoss shares, "Breakfast with the OTs". Students learned and enjoyed making delicious homemade waffles and adding their favorite toppings. What a way to start the spring break! The students had a blast!

Students preparing for easter egg huntStudents preparing for easter egg hunt

Shannon DeMoss shares, related service providers at 140 organized a school wide egg-hunt for our wonderful students. The students enjoyed collecting colorful goodie filled eggs throughout the hallway, and our speech providers did 'tattoo paintings'. It was a great day! Thank you to everyone who contributed and assisted!

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Economics: Can I Buy It? Class Y42 walked to Home Depot to buy garden seedlings. They used construction paper to make wallets. All the students made individual purchases with staff support as needed.

Ms. Margarita, a Speech Teacher at P811Q @ PS140Q came into our class for a J.A.R. lesson (Jobs and Responsibilities). The students made apple donuts and really enjoyed it!

Student wearing a wizard's hatStudent wearing a magician hat.Student assigned to a Harry Potter houseCarousel imageStudent wearing a wizard hatStudent wearing a wizard hat

The students took a quiz and based off of their responses, they were placed in one of the 4 houses of Hogwarts School in Harry Potter. They are all wearing the magic sorting hat.

X42 made a textured moon using flour, salt, paint and glitter. I can engage in sensory and make a textured Moon.

Class V30 has been learning about spring. We learned about things that we see in spring, spring activities and spring holidays. We worked on matching colored tissue paper to create colorful flowers. Our hands got very sticky, but we had fun!!

Class V30 began learning about the Unique Learning System theme of the month: Wants and Needs. We learned key vocabulary words for each category. We wrote about things we want and things we need. Students were very creative with their drawings and writing!

Ms. Lyndsay's and Ms. Deirdre's classes enjoyed making a healthy snack! The students each had a job to complete during the lesson. They took turns reading and following the recipe. When they were done, they completed a recipe review and shared their thoughts about the recipe with their friends.

X42 celebrates World Autism Day at 811.

March Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded "March Student of the Month"! We are so proud of you! Keep up the great work! You are willing, on task, responsible, and kind.

Jaskaran Singh Ghotra

Nadia Bowe

Shyla Huda

Aydean Fearon

Noel Bonney

Tristan Bonner

Umair Dewan

Jayden Franck

Rayana Ahmed

Class Y-30 @ 147 Celebrates Autism Awareness Day by listening to a reading of “Just Ask” by Sonia Sotomayer, completing comprehension questions related to the story and painting puzzle pieces for our bulletin board. Why fit in when we were born to STAND OUT.