Families: Remote Learning Support

Our students have varying levels of independence. You know your child best. Please do enough to help the child be appropriately prepared, and as little as possible to encourage as much independence as possible. Students who are able to can use a checklist to help them get ready for remote learning. Those who need more support, can help check off a checklist with family support.


  • Help your child wake up, dress, and eat before class.

  • Encourage your child to use the restroom before class.

  • Review the day's schedule and expectations with your child.

  • Establish any rewards the child may be working for and the specific behaviors needed to get these rewards.

  • Ask your child if he/she has everything they need for class.

  • Support your child as needed for logging in to class.

  • Review online expectations for behavior and learning.

  • Make sure that all technology needs are met (charged equipment, microphone and camera working, etc.)


  • Support your child as needed during class. This means different things for different students.

  • Minimize noise levels and distractions.

  • Make sure that your child's microphone is muted/unmuted appropriately if the student isn't able to do this themselves.

  • Check in to see how your child is doing.

  • If you are sitting with your child during lessons, let him/her respond as independently as possible. We are encouraging productive struggle to help build independence.


  • Encourage your child to move/stretch.

  • Provide appropriate food. Have your child help prepare his/her own food as part of his/her life skills training if appropriate/possible.

  • Get ready for any other live sessions.

  • Provide the right level of support for asynchronous learning.

  • Ensure that your child gets to bed at a time that enables him/her to wake up feeling rested and ready for school the next day.

  • Establish school day routines even when home.

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