Instructional Practices at P811Q

2023-2024 School Year Document

At P811Q we strive for 5!

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Student-to-Student Interaction

Student-Friendly Goal

One of the most important skills our students can learn is communicating with their peers.  At P811Q, we create opportunities for students to have student-to-student interaction in every lesson.  Regardless of whether the student's primary mode of communication is verbal or nonverbal, students get the support they need to talk to their peers.  

Teachers use scripts, joint action routines (JARS), pre-programmed devices, picture prompts, and more to support students in these opportunities.  Speech teachers push into classes to provide instruction and support.  Vocations and lessons are planned to create these opportunities.  Students deliver supplies, take food orders, and interview people to provide numerous opportunities for students to practice these skills.  

It is crucial for students to understand the goal of each lesson.  With this in mind, teachers are required to create student-friendly learning goals, which are reviewed at the beginning of class and throughout the class, and prominently displayed for students.  These student-friendly goals take the form of positive "I Can" statements.  For example, "I can add 2 numbers" or "I can deliver supplies."  

Specially Designed Instruction (SDI)

Student Self-Assessment

Specially designed instruction is the unique set of supports provided to an individual student based on his or her learning needs to remove barriers that result from the student's disability.

At P811Q, we believe that students should take responsibility for their learning. This means teaching them to assess their own learning.  Self-assessments are done in the forms of eye gaze, thumbs up, emojis, verbal responses, rating scales, and more.  Students are also encouraged to rate their behaviors and work habits.

Data-Driven Instruction

Data-Driven Instruction helps us to identify next steps and to determine what SDI to use to help students achieve their goals.

We W.O.R.K.!

At P811Q, our focus is preparing students for vocations and life!  To support this focus, we developed a work habits program called W.O.R.K.  At P811Q, we are Willing, On Task, Responsible & Kind!

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